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Artificial Insemination Best Way To Improve Breeds

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By Rosemary Tukundane

Artificial insemination is the technique in which semen with living sperms is collected from the male and introduced into female reproductive tract.

One of the leading brands in artificial insemination is the URUS Group, who together with Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation have collaborated to launch the Africa Dairy Genetics Multiplication Program, which helps small-scale producers in East Africa build and operate more profitable, sustainable dairy farms.

They were one of the exhibitors at the Harvest Money Expo.

Hamid Rutaro, Urus head in Uganda. Photos by Rosemary Tukundane

Hamid Rutaro the head of URUS in Uganda said that artificial insemination has helped in multiplication of dairy and beef cattle.

He added that this helps to increase production of milk on the farm so that one’s cattle can produce 100 liters of milk per day and 3-5 dairy cows are enough on the farm.

‘’The activity helps local farmers to access breeds not available locally’’. He added

How to gain big from our cows?

Rutaro said that breed of the cattle used matters for milk production and calves.

Feeding your cows also matters a lot. Cows need minerals, nutrients, fruits and water.

Artificial insemination was first introduced in Uganda in 1954 at Entebbe Livestock Demonstration Farm where experiments were for the first time conducted on indigenous cattle.

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