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Aloe Vera  Planting Tips, Benefits

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Aloe Vera has a lot of species, but let us focus on a type called Aloe ferox which is also referred to as cape Aloe.

It is commonly known for its medicinal qualities.

It is from asphodelaceae family and believed to have originated from Uganda and South Africa. Aloe ferox is a hardy perennial herb which grows to a height of three-five feet and one metre wide.

David Mwesige, a landscaper at Golden Herbs, says the plant has dull green leaves and spots a reddish colour on its edge.

It produces a red-orange flower which attacks bees.


Aloe ferox can be grown from seeds; it thrives in well-drained moist soils.

It is a drought resistant plant but can be provided with medium water.

The herb can be grown in a planter or directly taken to the garden.

Mwesige explains that when planting in the garden, dig a hole of 10cm deep and space the plants 40cm by 40cm.

“It leaves tend to dry. Do not trim them off because they protect the plant from direct sunlight,” he advises.

Pests and diseases

It is normally attacked by leaf rust disease and catas pests which eats the plant.

You can use pesticides to get rid of the pests.


The plant contains skin healing properties.

The gel from aloe vera is used to treat fever and itching skin.

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