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Adopt 4-acre Model, President Tells Amoru

by Wangah Wanyama
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President Museveni has urged  the people of Amuru should utilise the Parish Development Model (PDM) to support their four-acre model farms.

The president was having a discussions with a section of Amuru District Local Government leaders  whom he hosted  at State House Entebbe on Tuesday November 7, 2023.

He said, with PDM money, the farmers will be able to set up a four acre model farm with one acre of coffee, on the second acre they grow fruits such as oranges or mangoes, then in the third acre they put pasture for cows,  on the fourth acre they grow food crops, in the backyard they do poultry, piggery and fish farming for those who are near the swamps.

On the other hand, President Museveni cautioned the leaders against bad politics.

“There was war for 20 years, who caused it? It was not NRM. It was Kony and other leaders who were saying that the government of Okello was “their government” as the Acholi. That is where it started. They told you that they are fighting for “your government” which the NRM had overthrown,” he expounded.

“Of course, I was hearing all of that and we had to defeat that nonsense. Your young people must reject this nonsense! The reason why you find somebody like Museveni remaining relevant politically for the last 60 years, is because we take a line of Uganda and Africa, we don’t look at identity. The big problem of Uganda has been bad politics. When you hear anybody talking about tribes, then you know that he is dispensing fake medicine.”

The President also urged the leaders that they can look into other challenges like education, healthcare, the roads, among others, after dealing with the two core problems of poverty and bad politics.

He also welcomed  the community  proposal to acquire  certificates of  Title for private and communal land. “ Ttitling land in Amuru is a good idea.” President Museveni said a

President Museveni further pledged to support the councilors who need financial support towards university education.

“I will support you. That will be my appreciation to you, ”Museveni said . He also offered 2,000 iron sheets to rehabilitate schools in Amuru.

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