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A Mango Tree In The Backyard Can Save You Millions

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The price of mangoes in some supermarkets, is as high as sh3,000 for the improved breeds. Smaller ones cost sh500 off season in city markets.

If you are eating five mangoes a week, you will spend about sh48,000 a month. This is certainly very high. If you have some little space in your compound, you can save this money for the rest of your life.

There are several improved mango species currently on the market that can help you save. Most of them take 18 to 24 months to start producing fruits. These include Tommy Atkins, Alfonso, Glenn, Florigon, Palvin, Palmer.

On average, each of these species produces at least 50 fruits in the first season. The numbers go up as it grows larger. If planted on a quarter of an acre, you will be assured of at least 1 tonne of mangoes.

Even if you find space for only two mango trees in your compound, you will be assured of at least 100 mangoes per season. Obviously, with the mangoes in plenty, you will not be consuming the four or five that you buy from the market, but at least 10 or even more. If you have a small family and cannot eat all of them, you will earn money, selling them in the market or to neighbours.

As pointed out earlier, you can buy the seedlings at around sh3,000 from grafted fruit tree dealers across the country. Management of the tree is very easy.

Dig a hole of at least one foot squared, apply some natural rotting materials around it, including dung. Ring weed it and continue applying manure at least every after six months. With good care, you will save on money spent on mangoes.

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