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A Balanced Feed Key For A Profitable Dairy Farm

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A cow has to have a balanced meal to produce more milk and have big, health muscles for meat.

For a cow to be profitable, it has to deliver calves regularly and must be milked for at least 300 days (or 10 months).

Jolly Kabirizi, a livestock consultant and dairy (zero-grazing) farmer, says a farmer has to know the right feed concentrates to mix for a balanced cow meal for high production.

She says maize seed used as kyakyu should be treated with salt and jik to protect animals from eating dirt.

“Avoid giving banana peels to animals before being sun-dried because they can cause infections to the cow,” Kabirizi advises.

More feeding tips

Rubbish from your farm and industries makes valued feeds, namely rice straw, maize bran, banana peels, sugarcane bagasse and brewer’s waste, can make good animal feed.

Safe ways of keeping your cattle feed

Silage is storing fresh feeds and hilage is storing dry feeds for future consumption.

Home-made meal for dairy cows

Chopped maize seeds, 20kg of a kibowabowa (this has high dietary value), add thick sukali gulu in water form, mix free yeast brew water. Add a mineral concentrate block that contains all diet values and soil from coffee husks which is fried and dried.

This is stored for 30 days in a rat-free place that is air-tight, because if air accesses the stored feed, it may rot easily.

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