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Hygiene Is Key In Milk Production

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Gloria Rwamafa Karungi Matovu is a dairy farmer Kito-Kira in Wakiso district with over 18 milking cows, each giving an average of 18 litres per a day.

She says for one to get the best from their cows, hygiene is key.

“The shed must be clean without any dung, rubbish and smell. It must be washed every morning and evening with water and disinfectants,” she says.

“We also kill all the vectors like the flies, ticks to ensure our cows are not disturbed all the time by swinging its tail and every Saturday is our cows’ bathing day and for this they are also now used to it. We have also bought plastic mattresses for them for a comfortable and relaxed sleep,” Rwamafa says.

During cleaning, the dung is put into the Bio digester to make bio gas that we use for cooking and the residue is given to the neighbors who have plantations for fertilisers.

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