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Set Up A Foot Massage Garden For Health Benefits

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Once in a while, everyone needs to move barefoot over a rugged surface to enjoy the benefits of healthy and happy feet. 

Ronnie Atuhereza Amooti, a landscaper in Muyenga, a Kampala suburb says at home, a foot massage garden helps you relax as the most essential points of your feet are massaged for the wellbeing of the whole body. 

“Most town dwellers move in shoes even inside the house. Some have their feet glued in carpet shoes or flip flops, a risky practice to our health,” he exclaims.

According to Dr. Yosero Tugume of Saidina Medical Centres, foot massage is based on reflexology where feet are used as an overall guide to the general health of the body. 

“They apply pressure to the areas that correspond with vital body organs like muscles, nerves and glands. These include the feet, hands, and ears among others,” he notes.

How to set up a foot massage garden 

Leonard Muzahura, another landscaper with Superior Landscapes in Nsambya notes that a foot massage garden is a must-have in every home because of the health benefits it offers for a greater life. 

“It’s a spot where you walk about and relax as the stones check for the weak points in your feet,” he says. 

He adds that this kind of garden is easy to set up and maintain, all one needs to do is level the spot where they want it. 

However, he advises homeowners to set it up a distance from the main house, preferably at the extreme corner of the compound from where they can freely walk about. 

“Pour sand on the levelled ground before laying a black polythene liner to deter the stones from sinking in the ground,” he explains adding that after the liner is firmly set, align the aggregate stones while mixing them with lake stones to bring out unique designs.

If the garden is large enough, you can fix shaded sitting areas and potted plants for perfect relaxation. 

At the edges, he says that you can lay flagstones or plants, especially palms and ferns in pots or directly planted in the ground. 

However, Atuhereza asserts that since a foot massage garden is intended for the homeowner’s well-being, plants should be herbal.

“Plant herbs or spices like rosemary, basil, thyme, pepper mints, lemon grass, balm, verbena and others,” he says. 

Atuhereza says one can sip on a glass of green herbal tea while walking or seated on the rocks in the foot massage garden. 

“You can also chat with family and guests while enjoying the massage and herbal tea,” he affirms, adding that one can remove their shoes, remain in stockings or be barefoot. You can step in and start moving around slowly until you retire.

According to Muzahura, this can be done first thing in the morning after jogging and at night before you go to bed.

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