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Get Manure, Nutritional Value From Poultry Droppings

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When Nimrod Mulonde had just started farming, he thought it was impossible to make money tilling the land. He would visit farmers and admire what they had on the ground. Today he is counted among the rich people in Kamonkoli near Mbale town. With about four acres of land, Mulonde has set up a mixed farm and earns about sh10m per year.

“I can venture into any farming project and use the gains to expand my businesses,” Mulonde says.

Mulonde started with two piglets.

“Feeding the piglets was costly. I had no money to employ any help,” he recalls.

Mulonde had a friend who was hard working and willing to offer a helping hand whenever asked to. He did not have enough funds to run the farm.

His friend advised him to use the pig droppings as manure and feed.

In 2008, he got 100 chickens and started expanding the farm. Today he has 1,000 birds, 700 fish, 23 goats, 20 cows and a piggery.

“I collect the poultry droppings together with cow dung, dry it, mill it, add maize brand and use it to feed the pigs. I feed the fish on the chicken droppings as well,” he says.

The droppings have all the nutrients that the piglets and fish require to grow healthy.

Mulonde does not dispose of the coffee husks from the chicken house, but uses them as manure for the elephant grass garden. He also uses them to fertilise the tomato, green pepper and onion gardens.

You too could pick a leaf from Mulonde and ease your farming journey!

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